Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Looking for movie recommendations? GoodMovies4u is a website where you can find listings giving information and viewer ratings for thousands of great movies from various categories.

Since one of the best ways to find good movies to watch is to browse through a category of films you like (or the type of film you feel in the mood to watch on a particular night!), the makers of GoodMovies4u have also created a variety of popular categories that you can surf, such as comedy. There is even a category for good YouTube videos!

As you scroll through the listings for different films, you can also view movie trailers and read plot descriptions on the site. Plus, as you browse or search, you can filter your list by release year and IMDb ratings. The listings also contain links to Amazon if you want to quickly click over and buy your favorite movie.

This is a clear, useful, and easily navigable site. I can see myself spending time here when I want to find something new to watch!

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