Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How to Make People Read Your EBooks

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Publishing an ebook has been made easier through various online self-publishing platforms. However, marketing the book is the most demanding part. You need to put in a lot of effort to draw the attention of the large population of readers towards your ebook. Below is a list of ways that could attract readers to buy your ebooks.

Write Well to Reach Well

A good book is always sought-after by readers across the world. There are many books available that are written just for the sake of publishing, with the content written by writers who have no proper idea about writing a book professionally. Books should be written to satisfy the readers. Readers would look for books that are highly informative as well as entertaining, without any errors or fake information.

Check Thoroughly to Make Sure the Content Is Error-Free

Giving good information alone is not enough--the same should be narrated in an interesting manner. The content should not have any errors. A thorough edit should be performed, possibly by a professional editor, to ensure the content is free from grammatical and spelling errors.

Give a Strong Title and Subtitle

A good title and subtitle are effective tools to catch the eyes of the viewers/readers. Your title and subtitle should contain keywords that would be used by readers to search online. When your book's title could get listed in the initial page of results in a search engine or online bookstore, there are a lot of possibilities for viewers to find your book.

Have an Elegant Cover Page

The cover page is the face of your book. It needs to be professionally designed and exceptionally beautified to catch the sight of viewers amidst a number of ebooks. It should be designed by an expert graphic designer like Ebook Enhancers, who possesses good creativity. The design should be unique, of course.

Publicize Your Ebook

Advertisement is required for marketing as yours is not the only book to be noticed. You have to do a lot of hard work to get your book read and purchased by potential readers. Put the diverse options provided by the self-publishing platforms to work to promote your ebook. Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn and introduce your book to the public, highlighting its specialties. People always look for something new. So, tell them what is special in your book and how it is different from that of others.

Create a Blog and Your Own Website, Too

Creating a blog as well as owning a website will be highly useful to promote your books. Put your book in a nutshell through a blog post and request that readers get in touch with you to have access to a free sample chapter of the book. Provide the first chapter to enable the readers to go through and get provoked to buy the whole book.

Get Reviews of Your Ebook

Contact professional reviewers and get genuine reviews. Ask readers to share testimonials, too. Enable visitors to your blog/website to view the reviews/testimonials of your book, as readers would prefer to know what others say about the book, prior to purchasing it.

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