Friday, June 13, 2014

TrueGether, A Free Online Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers

Last November I learned about a site called TrueGether and posted an introduction to the site.

Over the last six months, the site has continued to grow. There is a useful feature for sellers which allows you to use TrueGether to manage multiple marketplaces. You just select one marketplace as your primary marketplace, and when you make adjustments to product quantities and other info, it gets updated in your other marketplaces. This feature currently works with eBay, Facebook, and Google Shopping.

TrueGether also uses social media and SEO techniques to get the word out about your products. When someone makes a purchase from you, their friends hear about that purchase on social media. TrueGether also makes it easier to get social endorsements for your products.

If you want to buy and sell items directly on the TrueGether marketplace, you pay no fees to list, sell, or buy. So there's no risk in trying out the marketplace as a new venue for your products. Buyers can trust the site because they are able to buy products using PayPal or Amazon Payments.

If you're a buyer and/or a seller looking for a free online marketplace, check out TrueGether and see what you think.

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