Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Introduction to TrueGether

When it comes to buying and selling online, a lot of people are always interested in finding credible alternatives to eBay. For buyers, they want (of course!) to find the best price as well as a reliable and secure transaction. For sellers--especially those who rely on income from their online sales--it can be helpful to diversify and reach out to customer through multiple platforms rather than putting all their eggs in one basket.

Enter TrueGether, a startup company looking to change the landscape of online transactions by offering a system that is easy to use, secure, and free. That's right: TrueGether charges no fees, which means no listing fees and no transaction fees.

When I asked how TrueGether can afford its fee-free system, they explained that they are developing a release which will allow managing multiple marketplaces from TrueGether. This will be a subscription based feature, and they hope it will generate sufficient revenue for the site. Personally, I can see how this would be a desirable feature for sellers who wish to list items on multiple marketplaces.

TrueGether also distinguishes itself by leveraging social media to build trust in between buyers and sellers, who log in with their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. In addition, TrueGether adds products to Google shopping for free: when sellers add products to TrueGether, the system automatically adds the same products to Google Shopping.

As someone who regularly uses eBay and Etsy, I look forward to following the development of this new site!

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