Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Latest Projects from Amerevision, a Legal Financing Company

Amerevision Legal Finance is located in the Finance District of New York City. They are a commercial litigation funding company, which means that they help individuals and businesses that need to pursue legal action but need financial help to pay for their legal costs. Amerevision can finance various legal fees in exchange for sharing a percentage of the ultimate settlement or judgement in a case.

In 2014, Amerevision is taking on some new ventures which may come as welcome news to people who are looking for resources/support through a commercial investment in their legal case. As the company is taking a risk when investing in a legal case, they do give each case a close and careful evaluation to make sure it meets their criteria in terms of risk and valuation. They hope to work with more indie businesses this year, and to that end, they have started to offer litigation funding for small business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs on the matters of intellectual property, patent protection and licensing, and insurance related disputes. To qualify for these services, clients must earn annual revenue of $300,000 or more, or their claim must be valued at $300,000 or higher.

Another new development at the company is that they now invest in commercial claims for private lenders involved in debt collection suits. Again to qualify, the claim must be valued at $300,000 or higher.

Amerevision offers funding services for attorneys and clients, both plaintiffs and defendants. All claims must be valued at over $300,000. There's a lot more information on their website, and you can even apply online to have them evaluate your case.

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