Friday, June 20, 2014

Introducing Treasures Auctions, a Group of Auction Websites

Treasures Auctions was founded in 2004 by Wayne and Estela Sedawie, a couple with many years of experience of cutting gemstones. From their home in Australia, they wanted to make quality gemstones, jewelry, and other items available to customers all over the world. The Treasures Auctions website brings together a collective of six specialized international auction websites.

Each day, there are thousands of auctions on these sites, allowing customers find what they're looking for, often at wholesale prices. The site has sold over 350,000 items online to people in more than 64 countries worldwide. The six sites featured at Treasures Auctions are...

Opal Auctions, featuring a wide selection of opals from verified wholesalers from around the world

Gem Rock Auctions, a site with auctions for colored gemstones, minerals, jewelry, and other unique items

Jewelry Auctioned, with auctions from a collective of international jewelry wholesalers

Gemstones Auctions, a site specializing in synthetic / man-made gemstones

Coins Auctioned, featuring coins from around the world in gold, silver, and other precious metals

MyFashionHQ, the newest site in the collective which offers unique fashion clothing and accessories.

The Sedawies have built up a lot of industry connections during the years they have spent cutting and selling rare gemstones, and they put their knowledge and experience to work for the customer in setting up their auction sites. Their sellers go through an approval process, too.

Treasures Auctions also features an interesting blog with information about a variety of different collectibles, and it's a useful resource for those who want to learn more about gemstones, coins, jewelry, or other investments.

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