Sunday, May 18, 2014

Introducing Web3Box, a Customer Relationship Management System

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of those terms that is very familiar to some people and completely unknown to others! If you run any kind of business where you are interacting with customers, you probably already know about CRM. Sometimes called contact management software, CRM refers to software that you use to manage your relationships with customers through your interactions with them. CRM can help you with both current and future customers. The software helps you with a variety of tasks, from getting your contacts organized to ramping up customer service and even automating sales.

Web3Box offers a CRM system which uses cloud-based technology. While CRM tools have evolved over many years, the cloud-based alternatives developed in just the last couple years have become very popular--and they rank the highest in customer satisfaction.

In designing their CRM system, Web3Box describes their approach as focusing on the goal of "foster[ing] long-term customer loyalty." The idea is to simplify your administrative tasks and shorten the time it takes you to turn a lead into a customer. Who can argue with that idea?

They have also designed their system to have a user-friendly interface, and they offer customer support in getting the system set up to meet your company's needs. And the cool thing about the cloud-based system is that you can run it on mobile devices, which is great for companies where you need to be available to customers around the clock and where your employees may be working from their homes and other locations.

For more about Web3Box, check out the info linked here, which also explains how to request a demo.

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