Thursday, May 15, 2014

Introducing Mason Wojciechowski, Part of a Family of Entrepreneurs

Mason Wojciechowski is a self-employed rising star. He's 23 years old and is successfully taking over the operations of his family's business, MSquareTrust. MSquareTrust, by the way, is based in California and has helped build some well-known companies such as DailyOm.

Mason has a variety of business interests and has become involved with multiple investments from real estate to technology. He also received a special acceptance to LMU College of Business because of his accomplishments in business, including providing employment for over 12 people in and out of state.

One of his most impressive projects took place when he moved to Portland, Oregon for a few months to help his uncle with his business, Oaks Bottom Forge. They collaborated to build the first indoor commercial forge. Mason took part in overseeing and providing employment for nine local workers in Portland. Who else can say that at 22 years of age, they built a forge from concept to physical location?

At age 19, Mason started a music management company and worked with Jaime Foxx's independent record label, Foxx City Records. He also worked with Major Williams and members of Wocka Flocka's Brick Squad.

What's he doing now? Mason is working on a technology company called Trust-Them, a widget for crowd-funding sites to increase credibility. I hope that he will stop by our blog sometime soon to do an interview about this project!

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