Saturday, April 12, 2014

Meet Vas Blagodarskiy, Developer of Keyword Swarm

Developed by Vas Blagodarskiy, Keyword Swarm is a WordPress plugin which helps WordPress owners understand their audience better. The plugin is like having Google Analytics for your WordPress, and you no longer have to install a code on your site that siphons data off to Google or some other company; you keep your data. Keyword Swarm also comes with a two week risk-free guarantee, and Vas is giving away resale rights to the software, too.

1. What made you decide to make a plugin for WordPress?

One in six new websites that go online are using WordPress. That's a staggering statistic. I decided to build a WordPress version of an already-existing Analytics product line. I wanted to pack more features into it to make it a true WordPress exclusive.

2. What makes Keyword Swarm unique?

Besides being a keyword tracking tool, it also allows you to get a world map view over your website's traffic. There are a lot of detailed stats on your visitors, and the best part is this: it updates automatically in real time. That has never been done before.

3. Is your plugin intended for businesses or bloggers or both?


4. As a developer, why do you like WordPress?

It lets any person build any kind of website with minimal programming skills or web development know-how.

5. Why do you think WordPress has become so popular--and do you plan to create other WP-related products in the future? certainly helped. Blogging is a modern-day re-emerging phenomenon of self-discovery. Any person can find value in it. The rest is a matter of supply and demand--just as with the advent of the printing press.

Thanks, Vas!

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