Sunday, April 13, 2014

Introducing FresHires, A Unique Platform for Job Hunters

Are you a student or recent college graduate looking for work? When you have little work experience, it can be especially hard to find a job. FresHires ( is a new social platform meant to help people create an original and informative profile that allows companies to learn about their knowledge, skills, personality, and more. What sets the site apart from other job-search networks is that on FresHires, you create your own video to share with potential employers.

In addition to creating videos, job seekers can also upload pictures and documents to help communicate in a more original and concrete way with employers. By making a video resume, you have the opportunity to give employers your "elevator speech" from the comfort of your home--it's networking made easy.

People all over the world can use FresHires as the platform supports over 80 languages and allows collaboration among users. In addition to posting a profile for employers to look at, users can share documents with each other to do collaborative projects, research, and so on. There are audio and video chat features as well.

FresHires also features a job search engine, so you can use the site to look for jobs as well as create a profile and video resume for employers to view. It's a unique and creative approach to the job search arena, and if I were just finishing college, I know I'd be interested in giving it a try!

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  1. great idea! Gives more control to the graduate to carve his or her own niche.