Monday, April 7, 2014

Meet Allen Vaega, Entrepreneur and Network Marketer

Allen Vaega is an entrepreneur and master network marketer living in Canberra, Australia with his wife Emma Ciaravaglia and son Oryin.

Allen and his wife found Wings Network through a recommendation and was simply impressed with the business model and product offerings. He describes the Wings Network compensation plan as the best in the industry and says that he and his family are very happy where they are right now.

Learn more about the Wings Network in the following video.

1. How did you first become interested in network marketing?

I was interested in making money fast as I was in a bad way. My brother showed me what he was doing, and I immediately gave it a try. This was in 1993 in Auckland, New Zealand. It has provided me personal development tools and financial security ever since.

2. How has the revolution in smartphones influenced the multilevel marketing world?

The impact of the smartphones revolution is enormous, and Wings Network is simply taking advantage of this opportunity through network marketing. Network marketing will be the preferred marketing model for future businesses internationally. After all, why would anyone gamble company profits for any other type of marketing if they could guarantee the movement of their goods and/or services with a predictable outcome?

3. What is the Wings Network?

Wings Network is the first mobile MLM company in the world. It's a digital MLM Company and the marketing arm for all of Sergio Tanaka's (billionaire owner) digital and software businesses world-wide.

4. Why did you decide to join the Wings Network, and how has it helped your business?

After reviewing the Wings Network model and business products and infrastructure, I'd be crazy NOT to take advantage of this opportunity.

5. For others who are looking to get started with network marketing--or who are already in the business but want to improve their results--what would your advice be?

Move NOW... This window of opportunity requires immediate action and foresight. You snooze, you lose! Join us today... Contact me and let's make money!

Thanks, Allen!

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