Saturday, April 5, 2014

Childrens Cancer Recovery Foundation

The Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation was founded to help kids under 18 and their families. A cancer diagnosis can create all sorts of changes--not just physical ones, but also social and emotional ones. The Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation seeks to help kids and their families improve their well-being in lots of different ways. It is a publicly supported 501(c)3 non-profit organization, affiliated with the Cancer Recovery Foundation International group of charities which have been around since 1984.

You might have heard of their Bear-Able Gift program, which allows social workers and child life specialists to request gifts for the children they work with. The Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation provides a range of gifts, including toys, coloring books, board games, video games, and books. Kids across the country receive gifts through this program. Volunteers help field requests and pack and send gifts to children in hospitals from coast to coast.

Other programs include free scholarships for kids in remission from cancer to go to camp, and the Helping Hands Fund, which helps families meet urgent household needs such as utility bills and rent.

For more information about the Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation, here are a couple of interesting articles, one on Mediabistro and another on Community Focus Online. The video below gives details about the way that the foundation gets gifts out to kids undergoing cancer treatments.

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