Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Free Ebook on Mobile Marketing

It's hard to look around without seeing several people immersed in interacting with their smartphones, tablets, e-readers, or other mobile devices. As an artist, author, and/or small business owner, have you ever thought about how to reach people through advertising that's optimized for mobile users?

As many people with experience marketing for the web have learned the hard way, what works on the web doesn't necessarily work for mobile. Making a successful move into mobile marketing requires more than a bit of cash to spend on testing and some great mobile offers.

Matomy Media Group has gathered their best practices on mobile media buying into one very useful guide which offers 11 useful tips geared toward both new and experienced marketers. The guide includes ideas about selecting offers and networks to buy mobile traffic from, targeting, and optimization. Hopefully, everyone will find some ideas in this little book which will help with making your marketing more profitable.

Click here to download the free ebook, which is provided courtesy of

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