Tuesday, February 4, 2014

On the Health Benefits of Garlic

Several of my friends have long been telling me about the health benefits of garlic. Well, in this post I'm officially admitting that I agree that garlic is a superfood!

Honestly, I wish I enjoyed the taste of garlic more than I do; it is hard for me to get the recommended daily amount of one to two cloves. On the plus side, I know that I have the option to take garlic in the form of tablets or capsules, so that's a good thing. Raw garlic is supposed to have the strongest positive impact on health, but tablets or capsules can be good options for people like myself who have issues like heartburn.

Of course, the one to two cloves per day is a preventative dose. What about the use of garlic when it comes to its use as a popular home remedy for various illnesses?

I found a lot of information about garlic on the Full Health and Wellness website. I had heard that garlic had properties that could be helpful in fighting infections, but I hadn't realized that it has been shown in a university study to be as powerful as an antibiotic in some cases. In fact, it fights bacteria, fungus, viruses, infections, and more.

In addition, garlic helps protect the heart and has anti-cancer properties. And it has anti-inflammatory effects, too. What more could you want from a humble bulb?

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