Monday, February 3, 2014

Introducing, A Card Machine Provider in the UK is the website for Seymour Direct, a company which specializes in the rental of credit card machines for small and medium-size businesses in the United Kingdom. These machines are sometimes known as "PDQ Machines," hence the name of their website.

There are three main types of machines that businesses can use to allow their customers to pay with credit and debit cards.

First off, countertop machines are machines which have a specific, static location--generally on the counter at the checkout area of a store. It needs a continual power supply, and it transmits information through a phone line or internet connection.

Second, there are mobile machines; these can be used anywhere, similar to a mobile phone. They use a SIM card to transmit transaction information through a network provider. These machines are popular among people whose jobs take them out into the field, such as plumbers, electricians, caterers, and taxi drivers.

The last type of machine is a Bluetooth portable; it works like the mobile unit except that it must stay within ranges of its charging cradle in order to work. The cradle is then connected to the internet or a telephone line. This type of machine can be useful in environments like restaurants or retail stores where customers prefer to complete their transaction away from a central checkout counter.

At, you can find all three of these varieties of credit card machines, with detailed information about each and a useful comparison chart which helps business owners make a decision about which type of machine will best suit their business needs.

In addition to supplying businesses with a range of fixed, mobile, and Bluetooth card terminals, Seymour Direct also partners with three of the UK's top acquiring banks to get the business owner approved for a special merchant account. The merchant account is a secure account which also allows the business owner to withdraw their funds on a scheduled basis regardless of clearance times, which makes it the most convenient way to process transactions. The company also offers other merchant services including the latest "Contactless Payments" and online transactions.

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