Friday, February 14, 2014

Meet Sarantos, Musician

Sarantos is releasing his first solo artist music album on November 18th 2014. A new song will be released on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Sarantos' music has received rave reviews so far and he relishes this chance to pursue his life long dream. He is donating 33% of any music-related sales to charity.

Sarantos' website is called Melogia which in Greek means "with words." He also shares music on SoundCloud and YouTube. And follow him online on Facebook and Twitter. For a sample of his music, check out the video below.

1. How did you first get interested in writing and performing music?

I loved music and my whole family encouraged it from early on. We listened to music a lot, and I started writing lyrics around 4th grade. I loved how I could write about myself or empathize and put myself in other people's shoes and write a song about it. I have undergone several personal challenges in the last few years, but my dad's passing away in 2010 after a long hard-fought battle with lung cancer really put me over the edge. I had also dealt with some health issues like asthma and allergies, which severely affected my singing style. After mourning my father's death for a long time, I woke up one day and decided that the timing was finally right. This was always my lifelong dream, and I was tired of doing nothing about it and watching life pass me by. My main inspiration, however, is to raise money for charity. 33% of any music related sales are going straight to charity!

2. How do you get your ideas for songs, and what is your writing process like (from start to finish for a new piece)?

My process varies and I can do it any number of ways. I like to start with lyrics and envision an idea and melody and then put music to it. However, I have also just started with the music and then written the lyrics to it. I get ideas everywhere and every day. At the gym, listening to other music, listening to other people, reading books. Basically anywhere.

3. What made you decide to release one song per month leading up to your first solo album release in November 2014?

I personally think the music business is really struggling right now. I understand why people pirate music and want it for free. I understand as an artist why you would like to be paid 99 cents for a song you poured your heart and soul into. There is so much time and effort put into it, no matter how talented you are. The one thing I have also come to appreciate is how big the machine is. Labels pour a ton of money into artists, and they are a business. They have to make money somehow. I still like CDs and think they are nostalgic. But I know people don't wanna buy them that much anymore. The only way to combat this I can think of is to engage your audience, and if they like you and your message and your song, they might pay you 99 cents to download the HD version of your song. I also think trying to get more content out there for them like videos, interviews, pictures, anything you can, will help an artist in the long term.

Anyway, I am trying to revolutionize the industry. I want to stay in touch with my fans every day, not just once every few years when a new CD comes out. All my songs will be what I consider to be hits. There will not just be 1-2 good songs on the entire CD! I am going to release a new song on the 1st Tuesday of every month and a new music video on the 2nd Tuesday of every month for all of 2014. I interact with my fans via social media every day. On November 18th, the CD will finally be released with all 11 songs on it, along with all 11 music videos and a ton of interactive content--personal videos, interviews, just a ton of extras. Basically, my goal is to try and make it worthwhile and something my fans would really want to rush out and buy.

We'll see if it works.

4. For listeners who have not heard your music before, how would you describe it?

I think one of my contacts in LA who’s been in the biz a long time summed it up best - unique sound that is "an emotionally powerful vocal style masterfully united with music that is a fusion of classic 80s rock blended with modern soft rock and pop music!"

5. What are your plans in 2014 for getting your music out into the world--will you be giving concerts as well as sharing your music online?

I'd love to tour, but I need my music to get some traction first because of the considerable expense of hiring band members and especially the costs involved to tour with me around the US or the world. I can't do that unless I am pretty sure I have a lot of loyal fans who would buy tickets to a show to see me perform. But I'd love to do this hopefully soon. It is my dream!

I would like my fans to come from all walks of life and from all over the world. My main demographic and currently 65% of my fans are females aged 14-35, but I definitely have fans of all ages and plenty of male fans as well.

My main focus in 2014 will be social media. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have definitely affected the music industry by offering artists a way to expose themselves (not meant in a perverted way) and their profile. Artists can spread their musical talent instantly and communicate with their fans all over the world.

The popularity of Facebook and Twitter is worldwide. Virtually everyone is connected to these social sites making the best sites to promote your music.

Thanks, Sarantos!

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