Monday, February 24, 2014

Meet Michael, Owner of SnapMarket, a Marketplace for Royalty Free Photos

SnapMarket is the marketplace for some of the cheapest, most flexibly licensed royalty free photos. SnapMarket has the highest quality photos, images, and illustrations, all from as little as $1. SnapMarket also pays their contributors some of the highest commissions in the micro-stock world. Check out this link to learn more about how to sell your photos on SnapMarket.

1. What gave you the idea to start SnapMarket?

As a web and graphic designer myself, I found that I was always purchasing royalty free stock photos and usually spending a fortune. The idea came about when I spent over $600 worth on photos for a client's website and it got me thinking: there must be a cheaper way to purchase good quality images. I had a good look around and could not find any stock photo websites that were offering high quality photos at a cheap price with flexible licensing terms, so this is when I decided to start SnapMarket.

2. What are the benefits your site offers for webmasters, designers, and other people who need to buy royalty free photos?

The benefits that SnapMarket offers are much cheaper images (from as little as $1), very flexible license terms, and no minimum spend. A lot of the other stock photo websites I have dealt with require that you sign up with them for a subscription or buy copious amounts of credits, even if you only needed just one single image.

3. How do you keep your prices so affordable?

We can keep our prices affordable simply because of repeat business. Our photos are high quality yet very affordable; this is what keeps our users returning and gets new users on board every single day. A website like SnapMarket is quite expensive to run, but we felt we needed to offer something different from all of the other overpriced, tightly licensed micro-stock photo websites.

4. Why do contributors like sharing their work through SnapMarket?

Contributors love sharing their work through SnapMarket because we pay some of the highest commissions in the micro-stock world, our website is user friendly, and we get our contributors' photos sold day in, day out.

5. What are some qualities that make a great photo for the web, in your opinion?

I feel that any photo can make a great photo for the web; it really just depends on what people are looking for. Obviously these photos must be high quality and convey the correct message to the target audience. The image size should also be scaled for fast loading times yet still be of reasonable quality for viewer enjoyment.

Thanks, Michael!

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