Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Introducing, a Site to Help Canadians Who Want US Netflix

Did you know that Netflix makes different content available to you based on where you live? Some users in Canada who want to watch US shows discover that these shows aren't available on their Canada-based Netflix accounts. And it goes beyond that: Netflix users in Canada have access to less than half of the 10,000 titles that are available to US-based users.

What's a Canadian Netflix user to do?

Well, one longtime Canadian Netflix user set up a website,, to share a technique he has used himself for several years to access the US version of Netflix. His website can explain it to you better than I can, but basically you utilize an inexpensive DNS (domain name service) called Blockless which allows you to use their "region switcher" to make it appear that one (or all) of your devices is connecting to Netflix from the US instead of Canada, thus giving you access to the larger Netflix catalog for US users.

If you are in Canada and interested in learning more about how to get US Netflix, you can click here and find answers to common questions. There is also an active Q&A thread on the page where you can feel free to post your questions for the friendly webmaster.

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