Friday, February 28, 2014

How to Find Cheap Transcription Services

As with many services, the cost for transcription can vary greatly. With various forms of digital audio and video technology becoming more and more accessible and widely used, there is a lot of need for affordable transcription services. Some individuals and companies who offer these services will charge by the minute, and others will charge by the hour. is a source for cheap transcription which has a very clear website in terms of outlining the services the company offers. They charge by the minute, with different rates according to how quickly you need your work turned around. One benefit of planning ahead is that you can save money on transcription when can be flexible on your turnaround time!

In addition to turnaround time, here are a lot of different factors that can affect the price for transcription services. For example, if a recording includes multiple voices, this can cost more. If the recording is poor, this will cost more as it may require the transcriber to use software to enhance the sound and/or the recording may require extra playbacks. Sometimes a recording uses special terminology which requires professional knowledge to transcribe, which also adds to the cost.

Other common factors which can increase the price of transcription services include: adding time stamps to the transcription which allow a reader to track the text with the original audio/video, transcribing audio when the speaker has an accent, having a foreign language transcribed, and adding text which describes a speaker's movement in a video or gives verbatim transcription of laughter, pauses, and other aspects heard in a recording.

Some cheap transcription services contract their work to India, but offers services which are based entirely in the US. They also advertise a 99% accuracy rate and money back guarantee. When looking for affordable transcription, they are a great place to start!

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