Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Guest Post about Making Extra Money Online

Below is a guest post from Scott, who encourages people to join him in earning rewards for completing activities online. In short, the way it works is that advertisers are happy to pay to reach consumers and get our opinions. This particular rewards program (Inbox Dollars) has an affiliate program where you also get credit if a new consumer signs up using your referral link. The following is Scott's story of making some extra money online--and his invitation to our blog readers to sign up, too.

I registered for free on a money-making site a little over a year now, and so far I have earned six checks: $55.03, $56.80, $51.59, $42.99, $41.14, and $51.14. I've earned a total of $298.72--real checks in the mail and cash in my bank account. Its not making me rich, but hey, its a nice little extra coin. Who doesn't need some extra pocket money? And with a little more effort than I put into it... who knows?

You earn money by viewing emails, taking surveys, using the reward site's search engine, trying different offers, and checking out different websites. There are many other ways to earn, too, like signing up for special offers.

Besides the extra cash, I've gotten some great freebies, too. Much of my earning activity has come from trial offers where I earn money by trying and keeping a product. Through my participation, I've received free Dr Seuss books, a kitchen knife, an indoor gardening tool set, outdoor gardening info cards, a kids outdoor adventure set, recipe cards, and much more. Plus, I've been turning a profit while trying these products.

It's free to join and easy to participate. Are you thinking you would like to explore this? I hope you'll sign up for free through

When you check out the site, you can explore the many ways offered to earn, and I'll make myself available to give you straight answers to ANY questions you have. I can tell you what I do to earn money on the site and also what I do not think is worth my time. If for some reason I don't have much experience with what you're asking about, I'll tell you. In other words, I'll only tell you the truth from my experience.

To sign up, visit You can contact me with any questions at

Thanks, Scott!

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