Saturday, February 8, 2014

Affordable Bulletproof Vests from BulletSafe

I will admit at the outset of this post that I'd never done any price comparisons on bulletproof vests. As someone who works mostly from home, it just never occurred to me. However, for people who work as security guards or are employed in other dangerous professions, a bulletproof vest is a wise investment indeed.

Whether you are taking occasional night shifts in a convenience store or working every day in a security job, if you are concerned about the possibility of gun violence at your job, you may be interested in a bulletproof vest. The question is: can you find a quality vest at an affordable price?

Tom Nardone, who previously worked as a test engineer for military equipment, launched BulletSafe last August because he wanted to make great protection gear available at a great price. He wears a vest himself when doing volunteer work in downtown Detroit, and he has made it his job to bring down the cost of bulletproof vests without sacrificing quality.

In Tom's own words, "I just want people who work in dangerous situations to be able to afford one."

To learn more about BulletSafe, check out their Facebook page, and visit their YouTube channel to get a real picture of how their vests work.


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