Friday, January 24, 2014

Introducing iHidroUSA, Distributor of Hydroponics Supplies

A friend of mine who is an avid tomato gardener has become a big fan of hydroponics and built himself a small grow room to start tomato plants from seed. He uses very small setups for each plant, spending only a small amount of money because of very efficient use of light and water.

In some cities, you'll find great specialty shops with hydroponic supplies like grow lights, fans, filters and combo kits. But you can't always find what you want in person, which is why businesses like iHidroUSA have found a strong market online selling supplies for gardeners with an interest in hydroponics.

From herb gardens to fruits and vegetables, people like hydroponics because it allows them to explore gardening even if they have very little space available. You can find a setup to fit most any size of available space. Also, it's a very clean process as you're growing plants without soil and using fans and filters to clear out impurities like mold from the controlled environment.

For those new to the field as well as those who are experienced with this type of gardening, iHidroUSA promises to answer any questions about the process of hydroponics and selecting the best supplies. It's always good to know when a business advertises quality customer service, and iHidroUSA makes that promise very clearly on the company website.


  1. I used iHidroUSA to purchase some of my gardening supplies and loved the quick service and tern around. I know have an entire grow room dedicated to my plants. I would highly recommend checking out there website.

  2. iHidroUSA was recommended to me on a bunch of blogs and forums by people venturing into growing their own vegetables. I shopped from the website to buy myself a grow box after I had some success with a basic herb garden when I felt like trying out growing for myself. I'd love the space to devote to gardening properly, but with the space I have available I'm quite limited to only a few plants. My grow box will hopefully provide me with some potatoes and I may try out tomatoes next!

  3. I've been doing hydroponic gardening for years. I've had questions a couple of times and between the customer service department, their references guides, FAQs pages, etc., I've always been able to get answers to my questions. Plus, everything I've ever purchased has arrived in pristine condition.