Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Free Ring Size Converter from

Now this is a cool idea. I see a lot of artists and retailers selling unique jewelry online, but when buying a ring online, how do you make sure you're getting the right size? The online jewelry store, has created a ring size converter that uses a couple of easy measurements to help you make sure you're getting an accurate estimate of the size you need to order when buying a ring. Also, you can use easily convert ring sizes between USA/Canada, UK/Australia, Japan, and Switzerland, using inches or millimeters for diameter and circumference.

The ring converter is free to download and runs on the desktop of your computer, which is convenient for when you're shopping for rings on more than one website, especially if you're looking at international designers who may use different measurements/sizing. Check it out:

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When I asked Marius of JewelryKind why he created the converter, he said when he was first setting up his website a couple years ago, he looked at other online jewelry stores from the customer's point of view. He noticed that a very common issue is that sometimes customers complain about the fact that they receive a wrong ring size, and then they want to return their new ring. He wanted to make sure that his customers would not have this issue, so he created a tool that is accurate, quick, and easy for customers to use.

In a general sense, JewelryKind is a site which emphasizes customer care, from its efforts to create affordable, high-quality designs to its promise to provide a safe and pleasant online shopping experience. I predict that this site will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come!

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