Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Introducing Cartrell General Merchandising

I'm always interested in seeing how different entrepreneurs reach out to customers in different ways online. Cartrell General is a unique site which offers a variety of items in limited quantities. It's a great site to find creative gift items, and every time you visit, you're going to find something new.

The store was founded by a married mother of one who works full time in higher education. The founder also enjoys travel, shopping, history, nature, and antiques. Her diverse interests are a big plus to building a site with an interesting repertoire of products!

Here are a few examples of products I noticed on a recent visit to the site. First of all, there are customized towel cakes, made to the specifications of each individual buyer.

These are creative and colorful and would be a one of a kind addition to a party. Personally, I like the idea of taking a "cake" and turning it into a lasting gift item, especially for recipients who might not want to indulge in all the calories in a traditional cake!

Cartrell General also offers clothing items for men, women, and juniors, including a nice line of plus-sized items. A couple of standout items are the ladies' sandal and jacket pictured below.

To see more of the shoes currently featured on Cartrell General, click here.

And click here to see all the different collections of products on the site.

One other refreshing feature of this business is that Cartrell General offers layaway payments. I remember my mom buying our winter coats on layaway when I was a child, and I'm glad to see a retailer reviving this helpful practice.

In short, Cartrell General Merchandising is a start-up business with a lot of heart, so I hope you'll stop by the site and browse the selection of hand-picked products.

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