Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Introducing the 540 Design Studio Blog

540 Design Studio is a website design firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut with clients all over the United States. They do design for websites and mobile platforms, and they also offer help with branding, social media, and graphic design--including print work. I think it's always refreshing to find a firm that brings knowledge of and experience with print media to their work in design for web and multimedia formats.

On their website, 540 Design Studio hosts an informative and very nice-looking blog. The blog covers a range of topics of interest to entrepreneurs, and the content is presented in a clean, clear format. A nice thing about the blog is that it's not self-promotional at all: the emphasis is truly on providing useful and relevant content.

Recent topics on the blog include a list of useful WordPress plugins, an overview of SEO, a comparison of two different eCommerce solutions for different sizes of businesses, and some thoughts on why Pinterest is an important social media avenue for reaching a large number of customers.

I find this blog to be a nice example of a blog done right: the content and design demonstrate the quality of 540 Design Studio's work, so the business owners don't need to spend time in their blog posts convincing readers that the company has something helpful to offer. As a blogger myself, I know that when I look at their site, I think to myself that it might just be time to hire a designer so that my own blog would have such seamless integration of form and content!

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