Monday, November 25, 2013

Meet Jason of Chucklehead Toys

Chucklehead Toys is a leading purveyor of fine pranks, fantastic practical jokes, novelties, and assorted awesomeness. They sell pranks and gag gifts, and also a lot of fun gift items like novelty pacifiers, novelty wallets, novelty socks, and more.

1. What inspired the creation of Chucklehead Toys?

As a kid I was always fascinated by magicians and magic tricks and all the other cool stuff you could find in the back of comic books: my idea in 2010 when I started the store was to carry all those things I loved and still love today.

2. How do you choose (from the many pranks and novelty items in the world!) the specific products to include on your site?

I try to only carry things that I think are funny or cool, or neat, and that I would want to buy myself. One of the big perks of running the store is that I get to own and try all the products.

3. It seems to me that bacon and mustaches are pretty trendy these days--do you agree, and what trends do you personally hope will catch on in the near future?

Bacon and mustaches are wicked trendy right now, as are unicorns. Understandably so.

The obvious trends I'd like to see catch on right now would be Sasquatch Socks, and also of course bacon riding a unicorn while wearing a bad ass mustache.

Editor's Note: And carrying a delicious cupcake!

4. How have new parents (and their family and friends) responded to your line of pacifiers?

The funny pacifiers are hugely successful, and one of our best sellers. My own kids use them too, both of my young sons like the Pirate Pacifier best.

5. What gifts do you recommend for the 2013 holiday season?

Any of our new novelty socks or Mighty Wallets would make great gifts, and are highly recommended.

Of course you can't go wrong with any of our pranks or jokes either.

Thanks, Jason!

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