Saturday, November 30, 2013

Introducing MyPowerPebble, a Portable Phone Charger

MyPowerPebble is a useful and nice-looking phone charger that fits easily into a pocket, purse, briefcase, schoolbag, glove compartment, or any other small space. It's round, smooth, and shaped like (you guessed it!) a pebble, and it gives you three to five hours of talk time or up to twenty additional hours of music. If your phone is about to die, and you're in the middle of an important conversation, you can simply plug your phone into MyPowerPebble and continue your conversation.

There are other backup power supply products for phones, but MyPowerPebble distinguishes itself by its sleek and customizable look. There are a variety of packs of skins you can buy to make the case look just the way you want.

This product has already been molded, created, and tested. It's in production now, and the company is ordering the very first shipments to arrive in the United States. If you're interested in trying it for yourself, there's a unique way to support this innovative product and be among the first people to own and share MyPowerPebble with others. The company has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds in order to take the handy device to the next level with distinctive packaging made for big chain retail stores. Supporters of the campaign can receive MyPowerPebble and various skins--there is even an option to receive custom-branded products so that you can distribute MyPowerPebble as an innovative way to promote your own brand.

It's great to see a new product which is not only useful but also has a fun and classy look!

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