Sunday, September 1, 2013

Meet Paul Grossinger, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of MMGuardian

Paul Grossinger is one of the co-founders of MMGuardian, which is an android application that protects kids from cyber-bullying and texting while driving. It also lets parents block kids' phone use in school.

1. What motivated you to create MMGuardian?

My co-founders and I realized that parents needed an effective way to manage their children's smartphones. Texting and driving, cyberbullying, sexting, and even general phone management are major issues parents struggle with that we designed MMGuardian to solve for parents.

2. Looking at your website, I noticed a lot of features parents can use. Would you tell us a little more about the specific features that come with the purchase of MMGuardian?

Absolutely. With MMGuardian, parents get comprehensive parental control. That includes: the ability to lock or locate your child's phone anytime with simple text commands, advance scheduling capability for locking and locating, blocking capability for calls and apps that you deem unsafe, text message monitoring, and the ability to stop teens from texting while driving.

3. What devices currently work with MMGuardian?

MMGuardian Parental Control works with all android smartphones. MMGuardian Tablet Security works with all android tablets.

4. What prevents kids from disabling or reconfiguring the apps themselves?

MMGuardian includes proprietary uninstall protection and tamper prevention technology, which parents can enable to stop teens from reconfiguring or removing the application.

5. How have parents and kids responded to your product so far?

MMGuardian has been greeted with excitement by parents across the US, and MMGuardian Parental Control has been installed by over 120,000 parents and won six product awards.

Thanks, Paul!

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