Saturday, August 31, 2013

Learning about Music with Le Cat Publishing

The creative minds at Le Cat Publishing have come up with a great idea: they teach kids about music theory and how to read sheet music through a series of storybooks. They've turned all the lines and spaces on the music staff into walking, talking characters with their own stories to engage kids' interest. The storybooks are carefully crafted and also offer life lessons for young readers.

Here's a trailer for a recent story, The Dancing Bear.

The books in this music-teaching series all take place in The Land of Sozo, and readers will find a lot of entertaining human and animal characters. The Land of Sozo series is the creation of author Tasha Cherry, who originally came up with the idea of teaching music theory through storybooks because she was inspired to teach her own children about music.

This is a great concept, and the author has worked hard to bring it to life. I wish her books has been around when I was a kid!

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