Thursday, August 22, 2013

An Introduction to Momdoulary

What is Momdoulary? It's a method of support for expectant moms- and dads-to-be. Founded by Laura Saba, who is an experienced doula, coach, childbirth educator, and author (and more!), the Momdoulary Method prepares a doula to not only provide the traditional assistance of a doula but to also integrate coaching support to offer, in the words of Laura on the Momdoulary website, "emotional, physical, and logistical preparation for parenthood as part of the labor preparation process, presented through a series of classes available to the birthing parents (and where not available as classroom experience, through individual educational and coaching support)."

For people who would like to become doulas, Momdoulary offers a training program which includes 200 hours of instruction and prepares students for a variety of careers in the area of birth and child-rearing. In addition to working as doulas who assist in the childbirth process, students work as parent educators, as breastfeeding coaches, as trainers for parents on the path toward adoption, and in many other roles.

In short, Momdoulary is a mission-driven business, focused on helping people create a solid career with flexibility and good income, where they can have a regular and positive impact on the lives of others around them and the community at large.

Interested students can learn more by looking at the inspiration catalog. Also, Laura and her colleagues are currently offering two scholarships to students in every state (one full scholarship which covers all training costs covered except for $300 in materials/licensing fees, and one half scholarship).

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