Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Fun and Informative Blog of Caelan Huntress

I recently landed on the blog of Caelan Huntress, and it's an inspiring read. Caelan left a six-figure job to spend more time with his family; he and his wife and their three kids live in Costa Rica, where Caelan works from home. He does a combination of web design, content marketing, and videography. What makes his blog inspirational is that it's clear he's living his life fully; as you read his blog, you really get an example of the meaning of "work-life balance."

Caelan's most recent posts describe his experience at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. He goes over the highlights of each presentation he attended, and he also tells you about the myriad of other activities that filled his days. In addition to spending full days attending the events of WDS, he also had time for hanging out with old friends, making new friends, doing yoga, riding his bike all over the place, and--best of all--running a smartphone treasure hunt as his alter-ego, Danger Man. Awesome!

Check out Caelan's blog not just for inspiration but also for practical tips. His posts on WDS are full of useful links that will be helpful to bloggers and other creative entrepreneurs.

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