Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Engaging Blog from Author Kim Welsman

You may recall the interview I did with Kim Welsman last month; she writes fiction and is hard at work on a series of science fiction novels. Kim has been making regular posts to her blog, a writer's path, and after revisiting her blog this week, I wanted to recommend it as an engaging and reflective blog that authors and readers alike will enjoy.

Kim gives us insight into her writing process as well as the process her work takes to publication. Recently she has been posting about the steps toward publishing Going Back, which is Book 3 in her Alien Encounters series. Her posts talk about the editorial process, including choosing cover art for the book. In fact, her latest post welcomes reader input on the cover design for her book if you'd like to weigh in!

As a writer, I'm always telling myself I need to do more work to maintain my personal blog, and Kim's blog is a great inspiration for me! I hope you'll take a moment to check out her blog.

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