Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meet Rob McGuire of Blog Movers

As someone who moves blogs to WordPress for a living, it brings Rob McGuire great joy when he finishes a project and delivers a website that performs better than the client's original website, is cheaper and easier to maintain, and rekindles the joy they once had when they first had their website. Check out some samples of Rob's WordPress migrations, as well as this portfolio of his work.

1. How did you get into the website migration business?

I had been a freelance web developer for a few years when I noticed that I started received more and more requests from people wanting a new website, and having it on WordPress instead of the platform they were currently using. As more and more of these types of requests came in, I decided to focus most of my time on doing website migrations.

2. What do you think motivates most people to want to migrate to WordPress?

I think most people choose to migrate to WordPress either for the cost savings or for the amount of flexibility WordPress offers. For example, many people who have migrated to WordPress from HubSpot have saved over $20,000 a year from the switch.

3. What are the benefits in hiring a professional blog mover rather than figuring out the details of migrating or using a redirect url or...?

A professional knows all the steps that are involved with migrating a website. There are a lot of steps that one should take in order to successfully migrate a website or blog to WordPress without losing any visitors or search rankings. If done improperly, it's a lot like throwing all your hard work away and starting fresh with a new website.

4. In your own experience, what makes WordPress a great product for blogs and websites?

I find WordPress to be a great choice for most websites because of the huge community that supports it and also for the wide range of features it supports. Many of the most popular websites run on WordPress and it's rare to come across some type of feature that can't work with WordPress.

5. If you could give advice to someone who knows he or she needs to go through a website remodel but has been putting it off, what would you suggest?

I think anyone considering a migration to WordPress should definitely not procrastinate about getting started. The longer you wait to migrate your website, the more work it ends up being. If put off long enough, the task could seem to be overwhelming, which may cause a person to just leave things as they were, and they would settle for the website they have instead of the website they wanted to have.

Thanks, Rob!

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