Monday, July 22, 2013

Meet Collette Sinclaire, Psychic Medium and Author

Psychic medium Collette Sinclaire has released the book entitled The Real Book of the Dead, which features real life and death stories of real people. This book imparts the truth about some reasons why people exist. It also features stories of achievements, failures, love, and loss. It bestows what is waiting for individuals in the afterlife. It provides readers with significant information that can increase their understanding about life and death. The first edition of The Real Book of the Dead is now available, and the second and third edition will also be released soon.

The Real Book of the Dead aims to provide individuals with significant information about life and death. Its purpose is to take readers to a new world that will open their mind about the reality. Aside from this, reading the book is also meant to open the eyes of readers to see the essence of their life and make them realize how amazing it is to live.

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1. How long did it take you to write The Real Book of the Dead, and would you tell us a little bit about your process of writing it?

The process of completing The Real Book of the Dead was long and arduous. It was not only physically demanding but psychologically and spiritually demanding as well. To allow for the spirits to fully come through, I had to block off or remove a part of myself to fully allow for their voices to be heard. This means, that I see what they say--I live what they live and I feel what they did. This included drowning, hangings, dismemberment, car crashes, shootings, and the list goes on. As a medium, I physically experience their life memories with them, just as though I was physically there when it happened.

2. What can readers learn from contemplating the stories of people who have died?

The idea behind The Real Book of the Dead is that each person can take away from it what they need. Whether it be losing their fear of death, comfort that a loved one is a better place, or even that they leave behind the guilt they feel from when a loved one passes on. There is so much information that is packed inside these books that I don't even think one could absorb it all in one reading. How actual people lived and died--and what happens next--isn't that all we are searching for? What's the real reason we are here? What does life really mean? The souls truly relay this and their messages from beyond the grave.

3. How might you introduce your book to a reader who says that he or she doesn't believe in an afterlife?

I believe that the book's messages are powerful enough to stand on their own. The conviction of their life stories and the resonation of absolute truth which comes from them is remarkable. To the non-believer, I would welcome them to read and decide for themselves. As with many things in life, there is no right or wrong--only what you find to be your personal truth. I invite them to read The Real Book of the Dead and find out for themselves what has so many people talking (both living and dead!).

4. Why do you have such a strong interest in studying the topic of death?

Death was never far from me. One of my earliest memories is when I was about 3 or 4 telling my mother how I used to be a boy and how I was Jewish. I have had vivid memories of dying in a concentration camp for as long as I can remember. Being from a poor Midwestern family, where I didn't even know anybody who was Jewish, or anything about World War II--I find this pretty remarkable. Even today as I close my eyes, I can still feel the camp and the terror that surrounded it. Death was my release and I was not afraid. That is pretty strong stuff coming from a 4 year old...

5. When did you first discover your abilities as a medium, and how have these abilities affected your life?

I've had them all my life. My spirit guides would visit me at night and tell me things to help me through my turbulent and often violent childhood. I fully believe that it is because of their help, that I made it through to be an adult. While the voices and the visits were always there, it grew stronger as I became a mother and I connected with my children. The healing had begun by mothering and nurturing my children and through this, I was able to love and nurture my own gift.

Thanks, Collette!

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