Friday, June 7, 2013

Meet Christy of PayPizzaPal

Christy and Jamie of PayPizzaPal met a few years ago and instantly clicked with their loves of gaming and technology, and their general sense of humor. They plan to marry soon in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. They also have a mostly silent partner who is a corporate attorney specializing in global and internet business law and handles legal aspects of the business.

1. When and how did you get started with PayPizzaPal?

It's pretty simple, really; we wanted pizza! It was a long weekend and we had plenty of money in PayPal, but what was in our checking account was earmarked for bills and would be automatically withdrawn. There was no telling if a PayPal bank transfer would come through before the withdrawals. When we went searching online for a service that would allow us to buy pizza with PayPal, we could find none. The next day, PayPizzaPal was born.

2. What are the benefits to buyers of using your service rather than transferring and withdrawing their PayPal funds via bank or check?

Transferring money from PayPal to your bank account takes 3-7 business days. That can be a long time when you want pizza now! You also avoid having to divulge your credit or debit card number over the internet.

3. Why did you start with pizza, and what other options are you currently offering for your customers who want to convert their PayPal funds into e-gift cards?

We started with pizza because it was the service we wanted initially and couldn't find. We added other cards like Amazon, Best Buy, Red Lobster, Quizno's, P.F. Chang's and many more, mostly due to customer request. Apparently, man cannot live on pizza alone!

4. Would you tell us more about your commitment to integrity and customer service--and how buyers can distinguish reputable sites from sites which aren't so trustworthy?

I'd love to! We are 100% committed to providing excellent customer service and maintaining integrity in all of our actions. Many people collect your information and sell it to third parties. Among other things, our Privacy Policy assures we will never do that. Our Terms of Service also clearly outline our return policy. Our address is listed in these documents and our toll-free customer service number is highlighted on our Contact Us page along with our email, which is answered promptly. Any sites that don't list an address and phone number are highly suspect, and I would never use a site that doesn't provide a clear and concise privacy policy, but I may hate spam more than others.

5. What has the response to PayPizzaPal been, and has it become a full-time job for you? Any plans to expand?

The response has been phenomenal! What started as a little side project to help people that found themselves in the same position has indeed turned into a nearly full-time job. We've improved the site including semi-automation and plan to be fully automated shortly. This frees us up for fine-tuning and customer service and will make the process even more fast and smooth for our customers.

The customer response has been great. We receive emails nearly daily from customers saying they were skeptical or had been scammed by a similar site and how happy they are with our fast, legit service. These responses are really what keep us going. We do plan on expanding, but we're not quite ready to divulge those details yet.

One of our busiest times yet was around Mother's Day for Olive Garden and Red Lobster cards. As a mother myself, it did my heart good to know that we were enabling people to take their mother to dinner when they otherwise may not have. Amazon cards spiked around that time as well. Pizza is our main business, but it makes the hard work feel very rewarding to know that in additional to helping out those who want to buy pizza with PayPal, our customers are also able to express their love and appreciation to others.

Here's a video which shows how the service works...

Thanks, Christy!


  1. Amazing service. highly recommend.

  2. Let the buyer beware. After having placed on order almost one month ago for 2, $50 gift cards and being told the payment was "hung up in Paypal", almost one month later I have still not received either my gift cards or a refund. Doesn't seem like a very good deal. Strongly do not recommend.

    1. Sorry to hear this, Scott. I found Christy very pleasant and dedicated to her business--I hope you will contact her again for help with your issue.

    2. Same thing happened to me. They stole my money.

  3. Scam. They steal your money and give you nothing. Stay away. They took my $32.50 and ran.

    1. It just happened to me also! Now I'm out luck and $32.50! WTF!?