Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meet Steve Metcalfe, Traveler, Geophysicist, and Blogger

Steve Metcalfe is a co-author and a world traveler who has been on the go for the past 21 years. Professionally, he's a Geophysicist who has been working offshore on research vessels. This role has taken him all over the world from Tasmania in Australia, throughout S/E Asia, India, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, USA & Canada--as well as to the North Sea, Scotland, Norway, United Arab Emirates and also New Zealand.

Although his work has also kept him away from family and friends collectively now for over 11 years, he has also, during the past 21 years, spent near 9 years at home and on vacation which has allowed him to continue his passion for traveling. Here are a couple examples of his blog posts on his travels: Paradise Island and Phuket Island.

Steve's other main interest has been learning about businesses and the internet as he's determined to grow a business online into a multi-million dollar dynasty over the years to come, which will enable him choices to return home to be with family and close friends.

1. Could you tell us a little about the work you do in geophysics and how/why this work has resulted in you traveling the world?

Yes, I am a Geophysicist and have been working in Seismic Exploration for the past 21 years working offshore all over the world searching for oil and gas reservoirs. We basically provide an image of the subsurface for the oil company to delineate their structural oil or gas trap.

Oil exploration is performed all over the world and so the reason I have travelled all over the world from the Southern Tip of the South Island of New Zealand, throughout Australia and Asia, India, Tanzania and Mozambique on the East coast of Africa. Namibia, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal on the West and Central West Africa. To Europe, England, Scotland, Norway. Canada, Gulf of Mexico both in US & Mexico. Brazil and South Korea.

2. When you're not traveling for work, what are some of the activities (including travel) that you most enjoy with family and friends?

I am a fanatical Australian Rules Football supporter, I live in the North East of Thailand, and I have also studied Internet Marketing, online businesses and blogging. I have over 54 websites, many of which are in various stages of development, and my most recent addition has been my blogging over at the EmpowerNetwork blogging platform at

3. What inspired you to start blogging?

It seemed like the easiest way to create a website online. Instead of learning HTML and website design, etc, you simply load WordPress on your web host and start blogging. Of course then you run into design and content issues, but the WordPress platform is so flexible that you could easily twist your blog into a full cms system and even a membership site. And for those of us who are less tech-savvy, there are other blogging platforms out there where all you need to do after purchasing an account is to log in and start blogging. This is the edge that EmpowerNetwork blogs have. Hence, for many of the older generation, this has helped them get their niche content published online.

4. How does your involvement with Team Tissa support your blog and your online business ventures?

Team Tissa supports everyone within the group to help promote the affiliate marketing side of the EmpowerNetwork (EN) product line. You can build a business for yourself using the EN products. However, you only gain 100% commissions for the products that you sell by owning the resale rights to those products.

With EN we are effectively direct sales and the amount of income you would like to earn is based on the resale rights that you possess. Team Tissa help each other understand best strategies etc that will help build your business. We have a really good short 25min recorded webinar that people can watch for more information. This will show you how Tissa is helping all team members become successful. Check it out now if you have the time.

This webinar was live earlier this month, and within the first 5 minutes Tissa will not only tell you exactly what he has to offer everyone who comes onboard with his Team, but he shows you how it's benefited many of his team members. It's a great example of why TeamTissa has become one of the most successful teams.

5. I like the title, Multiple Streams of Inspiration, of the series of books you've helped author. Are you continuing to work on this project, and what else can we expect to see/read from you in the near future?

Yes, I enjoyed the opportunity to co-author 2 volumes of the Multiple Streams of Inspiration with Johnny Wimbrey. I have more information about these volumes and the content that I contributed at my blog.

For the moment, I am blogging about my travel adventures throughout the world over the past 21 years and this has taken precedent over any additional co-author work that has come through the pipeline. I'm blogging daily on the EmpowerNetwork blogging platform and as such, there's a lot of content being added on a weekly basis.

Thanks, Steve!

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