Thursday, April 11, 2013

Meet Roman Sahakov, CEO of Frozzo

Roman Sahakov is the CEO of the social media marketing company, Frozzo. He is known as a wise, patient, and knowledgeable leader. Roman cherishes his family dearly and is a devoted father to his son and a loving husband to his wife.

Frozzo social media agency offers different types of social media metrics that contribute greatly in the growth of any type of launched campaign. Those can be Twitter followers, YouTube views, and Facebook fans.

The company was founded in 2010 and since then it has followed a road of great development and improvement. It seems that Frozzo marketing company is going to be the next social superstar. Headquartered in London, UK, the company has already created buzz among internet marketers, webmasters, businesspeople, artists, and almost anyone who needs social media coverage.

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1. What benefits have clients seen after working with Frozzo?

Frozzo has come up with a comprehensive social media marketing solution for internet marketers, businesspeople, artists, and webmasters. The web-based platform works with three major social media websites, namely: Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. This amazing social media marketing service will help you get thousands of followers, views, and active fans.

This means, you won't have to wait for a social buzz or exposure: Frozzo is able to lift your brand name right away. Furthermore, to add to the prospect of increase in popularity in a short time span, you get it for a very low price.

2. Why do you think people are more likely to like/follow someone who already has followers, rather than be the first to discover a new product or artist?

People love to follow the social media stars: your followers and fans will bring more clients.

Have you ever noticed your own view about the social media stars? You'll more likely follow people or businesses that have already grown a good client base. This definitely indicates the importance of fans and followers in your account. Investing for a few thousands of active users will potentially help grow your social signals stronger and more positive.

Becoming a social media star isn't a challenge for those who use Frozzo. You just have to select a suitable package and you will get the social exposure almost instantly. The exposure will let your social marketing operation go on autopilot and start generating targeted social traffic in no time.

3. With Google penalizing sites for selling links and other companies taking similar measures, how does Frozzo provide followers without putting the client at risk?

Frozzo is concerned about the shocking search engine penalties.

Recently, the search engines have become more concerned about low quality websites with irrelevant or fluffy content. Google, the leading search engine, has already come up with few major updates in the algorithms and rankings. Some websites have been hit so hard by the search engines that the webmasters are trying to change their SEO plans and strategies.

Frozzo is concerned about the penalties. It neither sells links nor spreads spammy anchors online. It has developed a loyal social group who are ready to help their clients grow. The natural sharing on the social platform can easily create positive non-spammy social signals, and that's how Frozzo marketing company protects its customers.

4. How can a customer make the best use of Frozzo's resources and services?

Frozzo has already built a huge follower base of 100,000, and the number is still on the rise. You simply have to select an offer that suits your marketing budget and business strategy.

Choosing a single platform won't help you a lot to rank on the search engines. Rather you should concentrate on all three platforms and get social signals from multiple resources. This is the only way how you can use the most of Frozzo. If you're only subscribing to one-platform service, consider trying all of them together.

5. How did you personally become interested in social media marketing, and what do you see in the future for Frozzo?

Social media marketing is the future of IM: Frozzo is definitely going big in upcoming years.

Experts are saying that SEO and internet marketing will mostly depend on the social websites in next upcoming years. We are entering a new age of user-oriented search engines. In such conditions, Frozzo is definitely going to grow bigger and more powerful over time. As social media marketing is the future of IM, Frozzo is going to be the ultimate destination for the internet marketers around the world.

Thanks, Roman!

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