Monday, April 15, 2013

Meet Daniel L Rappaport, CEO of Pazzaria Productions

Daniel Louis Rappaport has been in the business of digital media for over 28 years. His varied entertainment background has included everything for being magic director for the musical Pippin, to doing animation for a webisode series for Chris Kattan, to doing audio design for Virgin, and even running children's birthday parties at The Walt Disney Company.

Over the past 15 or so years of Daniel's 28 years working in digital media, he has been dreaming up Pazzaria Productions, which, as of 2012, is finally starting to come into reality.

1. How has your background in digital media prepared you for the creation of Pazzaria Productions?

My background and education in digital media has provided me with the tools needed to put together things like my website, my social media pages, and especially our project coming out in June.

I have always been curious by nature, especially in the areas of art, music, and design. Quite often, one professes an interest in just one area, be it photography, music composition, graphic design, etc... I have chosen to study many different areas, and thusly, to both practice, and sell these services.

Why, I can even cook in the French haute cuisine style!

What I have come to realize is, things like writing, perfectly spaced typography, the hero's journey, utilizing timeless themes that are hot in the media, knowing about technology enough to get what I need to get done, done, etc... are all tools to a much larger end--this end mainly being that of one where, at the moment, everything that I am doing is to create buzz for the June project.

When June hits, everything that I do will be to sell that work.

Getting back to my digital media background... After, and continuing to learn about all of these different areas, I merely call upon the tool that I need, to accomplish my task.

2. What is the meaning of "Pazzaria" and how did you come to choose it for the name of your project?

That's a great question! The term "Pazzaria" actually means crazy, or nuthouse in Italian. We are using it in a playful, but respectful manner.

It is the name of a town from another property that we were looking at, and will produce at a later time, due to it still being in production, entitled "The Toy Maker and the Trickster." A silly, yet fun inbred king runs that town. It is a delightful scene!

The "P" logo is inspired by the fantasy genre. For me, the colors green and purple are that of dragon and faery, while the brown is very much the earth, and grounds the logo.

There is also a "D" inside the middle of the logo. Can you guess what company may have inspired it?

3. Can you tell us about some of the ways that individuals will be able to interact with the fantasy world you are creating?

Well, that IS a question! I would be more than happy to! I cannot give out any specifics, because I don't want to give away what the June project is all about.

What I will say is that, from a producing (which is an art in its own right, and deserves way more credit that Hollywood gives it) thrust and angle, I believe that we have come to a standstill. Bringing it back to the Pazzaria Productions mission statement: "Everything a guest sees, eats, buys, touches, does, wears, and so on all has to do with their own personal adventure within our world."

Virtual reality. Video games. Theme parks. Film. Radio. TV, etc... All are wonderful platforms. However, none of these fully thrust, and totally engage the audience.

What happens when you turn off the TV, leave the theme park, etc...? For the most part, you leave the work behind.

Sure, in a video game, it is all first person. But, the whole problem with that is that it exists in a flat video screen.

How does one extend the story beyond these mediums? This is the very question that Pazzaria Productions strives to answer. So, our project coming out in June is a start in that direction.

You might be excited to know that it will be available for an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Which one, we aren't saying until its release!

This video gives some hints about our project.

4. How does Pazzaria combine the unique adventures of individuals with storytelling in a broader sense (stories that already exist in a fantasy world and aren't dependent on the actions of individual participants)?

Well, I sort of answered some of this in question 3. I will do my best!

See, with Pazzaria Productions, that's just it. That is the grand experiment. Will our story choices be entirely dependent upon the visitor, or vice versa? I guess you will just (yes, I say it again. He he he...) have to wait until June to find out!

5. When and how will we be able to learn more about what Pazzaria is and what it offers to visitors?

You just can't wait, can you, lol! I'm just playing... June, kids. Juney June June!

More than likely, it might be toward the end of June. That isn’t a definite, but it is what I am aiming for.


There are a lot of details to work out with Apple, and I honestly wish to take as much time as I can to market it.

I think that a summer release will be quite prudent, and June is simply when it will be ready. Any sooner, and the quality is reduced. Any longer, and, well, I have to set a date, don't I!

I can say that there is a second and third work planned. So, stay tuned!

*With all of this being said, if there are any major Hollywood studio heads out there reading this, and might wish to invest, please contact me at for an insiders view!


  1. Very intriguing. I don't have any Apple devices. Will I be able to access this at all on my tablet that runs Windows?

  2. Hello Sam,

    Thank you kindly for your interest.

    We are working very hard on making our project available for as many platforms as possible.

    Apple is first, due to the high quality benchmark that we wish to set.

    We then will do our best to replicate that elsewhere.

    Thank you very much for your patience!

    Please check this blog again, or to see when it will come out.

    Also, if there is anything else that I can do for you, please feel free to contact me.


    Daniel L Rappaport
    Pazzaria Productions


  3. Fantastic, can't wait till June! So anxious!