Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anthony Moglin's Blog

Anthony Moglin is a blogger based in Melbourne, Australia, but he says he loves to travel with his laptop, so I always wonder where he's posting from. He has diverse interests, one of which is internet marketing, so he blogs about a range of products, services, and entrepreneurial ideas. In his words, "actually... internet marketing [is] what I live and breathe."

What I like about Anthony's blog is that he reads a lot about personal development, and he also keeps an eye out for interesting tidbits on YouTube and elsewhere to create posts that share inspirational content with his readers. He puts together content that's relevant for readers who share his interest in finding ways to succeed as independent businesspeople, be it through marketing the products of other companies or developing their own products and services.

If you want to check out Anthony's blog, here are a couple of posts you might enjoy. This one is about Steve Jobs and links to a great video in which Jobs shares his own story of getting fired and rebuilding from there. This one compiles the stories of several successful individuals in different fields, from tech innovator Jobs to actor Jim Carrey. In Tyler Perry's words in this second video, "plant your seed in the ground, water it, and believe."

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