Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Song of Kwagala: A Movie to Support Clean Water

Did you know that the number one killer of children worldwide is unclean water? An award-winning team of songwriters, filmmakers, and marketing professionals are creating a movie, Song of Kwagala, to entertain and inspire, driving awareness and financial support for this global epidemic. In addition to the movie, Song of Kwagala will also eventually be produced as a musical stage play.

Song of Kwagala tells the story of a rock star named Simon Crowe who goes to Africa to participate in a benefit concert and finds himself taken outside of his usual world-weary perspective to become involved in the work of a surgeon at a camp for orphaned children. After a life-changing experience, Simon returns to his home in Los Angeles, only to continue thinking of the people he met in Africa. He ultimately returns to Africa to find that music connects him to the children and to the doctor at the camp. Described as "a combination of Pink Floyd the Wall meets Sound of Music, meets Blood Diamond," the film uses original songs and a strong score to convey the message that humanity is a combination of humor, angst, and tragedy.

Visit the website for Song of Kwalgala to learn more about the film; you can even read the film's script. Below is a video about Song of Kwagala.