Thursday, February 14, 2013

Phen375 Reviews Blog

Weight loss is one of those ongoing mysteries in life. I don't think I'll ever understand why some people find it much easier to lose weight than others. Personally, I've come to realize that for myself, losing weight and maintaining weight loss involves walking, walking, and more walking, and maybe some stationary bike riding thrown in. However, I realize that not everyone works from home most of the time and has the luxury of taking multiple walks per day.

All that to say, someone recently sent me a link to the Phen375 Reviews website, which has a blog format where people can read and comment on posts about Phentemine 375. When I first saw the name, I thought about Fen-Phen, but this is something totally different. "Phentemine" sounds very similar to "Phentermine," yet these are two totally different products. Unlike Phentermine, Phentemine is an over the counter product. And if you look at the ingredients of Phen375, it contains recognizable things like calcium, capsaisin (an active component of chili peppers), and several enzymes.

If you are exploring non-prescription supplements for weight loss, the Phen375 Reviews blog is a forum where you can read information about the product and interact with others who have tried it as well as people who make and distribute it. Check it out, and decide for yourself if this might be a worthwhile product for you. :)


  1. Many people are wondering about the effectiveness of phen375 or if it is safe to use. According to the reviews I have read, it is safe and effective if you will follow the directions of use and if you will accompany the product with proper diet and exercise.

  2. Whenever you plan on losing weight, it is best to read phen375 reviews which can help you out in determining its benefits. In this way, you can also determine its positive and negative effects in the body.