Thursday, February 14, 2013

Meet Nourhy of NowStudio

Nourhy has been in the holistic field for over 13 years and her mission is to help find healing through relaxation. She practices massage and other healing arts at NowStudio in Chicago.

1. How did you decide on the name NowStudio for your business?

I actually had a hard time thinking of a name, but my first private office was on Webster Avenue, so I thought an acroynm "Nourhy On Webster" would be fun. But really it started making a lot of sense as I want people to feel "present" in the moment when they are with me in the studio, so it's really an appropriate name. NowStudio is about being and feeling "here" in the moment.

2. Would you describe how your own experiences as a patient/client inform your practice as a massage therapist and holistic care professional?

Everything that I learned as a patient helps me be a better practitioner. So many little things I learned that I try to tell other people to help them so they can avoid difficulties if they have to deal with doctors and other health practitioners who have never had any of their own health issues. Most people when they go to a doctor never think of questioning as to why they need to take a certain drug or do certain tests. I learned to ask questions, and I learned to say no to most drugs if I learned that the side effects might outweigh any benefits or that I might get better benefits if I did more natural therapies. You just really need to take control of your own health issues and be proactive instead of depending on other people. I try to be sensitive of those things and be gentle and encourage my clients by teaching them what I've learned.

3. How do you assist individual clients in finding the specific therapies that might be most helpful to them?

Everybody is so different, and sometimes a client might come in thinking they want reflexology, but I might wind up doing Craniosacral Therapy instead because of their issues they mentioned. I can usually tell after a brief conversation what might be the best course of action to do. Sometimes, it not even physical: it might wind up being a more talkative session, more intuitive guidance, but I always want people to leave feeling well cared for, no matter what we do.

4. What makes NowStudio a unique experience in terms of the setting as well as the services you offer?

NowStudio is unique as a setting because it's not a sterile clinical environment nor a store front. It looks like a home, it's filled with art and cozy furniture, and I have a beautiful treatment room in which I've painted the walls to look like a birch forest. I wanted to be a space that I love to come to work because I spend so much time. I love decorating and people love all the little things too. Also, working for myself allows me to bring my dog Bk to work with me. I think he brings a lot of healing energy into the room, and many people love animals.

5. For people who are new to alternative therapies (and perhaps massage, too!), what do you recommend they do if they want to start integrating new techniques/treatments for healing into their lives?

I think it's important for them to be open to trying and to really give it a chance. Read about it, use their intuition about the person or place they want to go, talk to the person on the phone if they are completely new to trying a therapy to get an idea if it would be a good match, and be open when they go to really listen to what the therapist has to tell them. What's the point of going if you're afraid? Many people try things because they heard it was good but were too afraid like getting acupunture. If you really hate needles, then that's not going to work for you. You have to find something that you feel could work. Like reflexology is good for people who are afraid of needles because like acupuncture it deals with the meridans. CranioSacral Therapy is more gentle then the cracking that a chiropractor might do so that might be good for a person who needs a gentle touch. It's also about finding the right therapists, too; just because someone does the work doesn't mean they are good for you. Call them and talk to them and again use your intuition about seeing if they are a good match for you. Again, the most important thing is to be open about trying something because if you really want healing in your life, you have to want it wholeheartedly. Healing can not happen if you're not ready.

Thanks, Nourhy!

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