Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meet Paris Styles, Artist and Designer

Paris Styles is a fashion model turned artist/designer. She creates original wall art and hand-painted vases, bowls, and tableware. She works with the goal of making affordable art for your home. Her objects have been described as "museum-quality," and she loves the idea of sharing high quality art objects with the average person. For samples of her work, see the website for Paris Styles Designs as well as her Etsy shop.

1. Since you work in different media (from 2D to 3D), what would you say are some qualities that unify your art and make it uniquely yours?

Regardless if I'm working on a painting or an original piece of home decor, I begin each project the same way and that is with a desire to create a unique piece of art that is an expression of who I am. Each piece I create has its own story to tell. Sometimes I know the story before I begin, and other times the story is told as I'm painting or isn't revealed to me until the final brushstroke. What is common to all and unique to all is that I tell the story in my own special way. I don't know if my art has a "signature" that distinguishes each piece as uniquely mine. I'm known for my dotting work and my faux finishes, though.

2. How does your background in the fashion world influence you as a visual artist?

Having an eye for fashion allows me, I believe, a deeper understanding of what styles, colors, patterns and textures complement one another. Like putting together a great outfit, a great piece of art has different components that need to blend well together. I know I have a good eye for that.

3. How (and why) do you incorporate found/recycled materials in your work?

It's important to me not to be wasteful in my life. I believe in any aspect of life you use what you have to the best of your ability. And I love bringing new life to old objects. What someone else might think is useless, I look at it and try to see a new purpose. I like doing makeovers!

4. Who are some artists you admire and who help to motivate you to create your own work?

I have to say that I don't really "study" art. I can name artists that I like, ones that everyone knows, but I can't drop a laundry list of impressive names and tell you that this person or this work influenced me. It didn't work for me that way. What motivates me is life and everything you see in it. When you think about it, I guess you can say that the artist I admire most... is God.

5. What tips can you suggest for someone who is wanting to bring more art into his or her home and needs to be mindful of keeping to a modest budget?

Art is affordable for almost everyone. I would suggest that people check out online sites like I have a shop there. Also, visit your local art festivals or a locally owned gallery. Art really is everywhere.

Thanks, Paris!

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