Sunday, January 13, 2013

Meet Eastside Travel

Eastside Travel is a corporate travel agency. In their own words, "We are based in Sydney, Australia. We provide a full range of travel services to businesses in Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD region of Sydney, Australia. Services we offer include: airline bookings, hotel reservations, travel insurance, visa applications, airport transfers, car hire, etc."

1. What special services do you offer as a corporate travel agency (that customers might not find through a more general agency)?

Corporate Travel services that target businesses in the city of Sydney, and the surrounding Eastern Suburbs.

2. In addition to helping companies local to Sydney, do you also offer assistance to people who need to travel to Sydney on business?

Yes, we currently provide corporate travel services for a large U.S based investment banking company who has a satellite office based here in Sydney.

3. In the current economy where airfares and other travel expenses can be high, what are some suggestions you can offer to travelers looking for savings?

Where possible, try to book your travel as far in advance as possible. Airfare prices increase as you get closer to the departure date.

4. What are some practices you follow in your agency to give helpful, individualized service to each of your clients?

Get to know your client. Meet and speak with them on a regular basis. Try to know what their future travel plans are for so that you can plan ahead for them.

5. What are your top three tips for businesspeople who know they will be doing a lot of travel in 2013?

1. Try to plan you schedule as far as possible in advance.
2. Work closely with your travel agent who can suggest the most efficient and cost effective travel routes.
3. Make sure you chose a corporate travel agency that provides 24/7 support for wherever you are in the world.

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