Friday, January 25, 2013

Learn to Write a Novel on DaftBlogger

The e-journal DaftBlogger is featuring a special series of posts on how to write a novel by South African author Gary Smith. DaftBlogger's slogan is "Making It Accessible," and this series of posts offers clear and useful content for anyone with an interest in writing fiction.

Gary Smith is contemporary artist and art critic focusing on post-secular thought. He serves as co-editor of the South African Writers' Network (SAWN). As a visual artist he works in media like oil and pastel, and as a sculptor he works in steel, ciment fondu, and fiber glass.

The postings in this series include topics like using mind maps and other idea-generating techniques and suggestions for shaping interesting characters and settings. Smith ends the postings with brief yet thought-provoking writing exercises. By reading these posts and writing 100 words at a time as you complete the exercises, you could build some intriguing short stories and, yes, a novel.

As a writer and writing teacher, I can recommend these posts and will be sharing them with my students.

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