Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Excerpt from Reading Renee's Interview with Jennifer Yih

Reading Renee is a blog for readers, writers, and all people who love books. The blogger behind Reading Renee sent the following note about herself: "I live for books. I love my Kindle. I read romance, mysteries, chick lit, detective-type stories, and suspense. I decided to start a blog that would support the authors and not be commercial. There were many times I read something because it was recommended or rated highly, and in my opinion it was awful. So I write about books I love, and if I don't at least like them, I won't write about them. My fave series authors are Pamela Clare, Kristen Ashley, S C Stephens, and RL Mathewson. If I could pick my all time fave book, it would be Tully by Paulina Simmons or Torn by Amber Lehman. Now I have discovered so many authors that are fab and need someone to shout out their work! No matter your mood, there’s a great book to suit it. Words to live by!!"

Below is an excerpt from a recent interview with Jennifer Yih, one of the four authors of Shy Town Girls. Jennifer is the author of the first book of the Shy Town Girls series. For the full text of the interview, visit Reading Renee.

RR: How and who came up with the idea to write together? I see many books with two authors and maybe more than one POV, but this was the best and most refreshing idea I have seen in a long time.

Jennifer: "I've been working for Melissa for about three years now, and just this summer she approached me with an idea she had for a book series. It turns out, it was the wonderful idea of bringing a Sex In The City-esque series to Chicago. She asked me if I'd be interested in writing the first book, and I got started right away.

Melissa, Katie Leimkuehler, Kate Clinesmith, and myself got together and created four different female characters. We narrowed it down to what they looked like, their favorite foods, family lives, and so on. After character development, we brainstormed ideas about how we wanted the books to come off. As we developed the characters, I really got a feel for who Kate and Katie were, and how they related to their characters and vice versa."

RR: I sort of have a vision of each author being a character, or at least having their personality traits. Is that true?

Jennifer: "Absolutely each character has major similarities to the authors. Bobbie, I believe, is very much of me... more so, parts of me overtime."

RR: (I knew it!!!)

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