Friday, January 18, 2013

Bryan Fiese on Educating "Generation Next"

Bryan Fiese is an educational expert who has been working with both students and educators for over 14 years. His thesis states that modern youth's (Generation Next) dependence on technology is causing a widespread lack of interpersonal communication skills. Bryan's insights are helpful toward educators' and parents' understanding of this generation; through understanding, we work together and clear and effective methods of communication and motivation can be determined. Learn more about these methods at the Motivated Teacher website.

Bryan's strategies and methods have been adopted by schools across the United States. He has appeared on radio broadcasts and national television and presented to countless types of audiences across this great nation through a continual calendar of conferences, training sessions and workshops. Visit Bryan's personal website for more about his writing, speaking, and training work.

He is also an author, with his latest book, No Teacher Left Behind: Keeping Up With and Captivating "Generation Next" in the Classroom, available now in its second edition on

Bryan has uploaded a series of videos to YouTube as an introduction to his work. The video below is the first in his "No Teacher Left Behind" sequence.

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