Monday, December 10, 2012

Meet Jay Shon, Photographer

Jay Shon considers himself a native of California, having lived in the state most of his life. He recently became interested in photography after first exploring it as a hobby and then discovering that it allowed him a bubbling creative outlet. He created Photo.Artful to sell his artwork depicting the region where he grew up--the Bay Area, California.

1. In setting up your website, what made you decide to emphasize the Bay Area as the unifying factor for your photos?

The Bay Area is a diverse region, a mixture of cultures and philosophies and scenery. You don't need to travel far in order to find something unique. Sometimes it's in plain sight, other times hidden and known to only a few. My goal is to share the sights and fascination of the region.

2. What are some elements that make your photos unique?

I don't have a particular style, or at least try not to. My only goal is to present subjects how I view them through my "creative eye." And I enjoy mixing in some digital elements when I think it'll enhance or transform my vision of a particular photo.

3. When you are creating abstract compositions where you use photos as a starting point and then alter or add to the image using software or other tools, what guides you in terms of how to change the image while also remaining true to your original photo?

I enhance around the purpose of the photo, and simultaneously have fun. I have a series of artwork around these two tall trees that I photographed ("Energy" and "Madness"). One displays an image of the trees exhibiting life and having fun, while the other image showcases rage. My goal with both images was to show that plants are living and dynamic creatures. I think creating abstract compositions enhances the subject of the photograph if the look and feel is right. And it can attract some extra attention as well.

4. What are the challenges and what are the benefits in being able to sell artwork through online platforms?

I think the biggest challenge is the risk of having your artwork seem devalued monetarily if sold through online platforms. But my main goal is access and online platforms certainly provide that benefit. The other benefit is that customers have different options than what I can provide alone--framing, canvas, poster, giclee print, etc.

5. When you are walking in the city, what helps you to spot great opportunities for taking photos?

Inspiration arrives in many forms. I keep my eyes and thoughts open.

Thanks, Jay!

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