Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meet Ioannis, Founder of

Ioannis founded Foob to cater to the growing demand for Facebook cover graphics by social media users. Ioannis operates Foob out of Greece with support stuff based in India and other countries.

1. What is Foob? is a website that creates custom Facebook covers for Facebook users. The covers are generated automatically, and they are for free: browse the selection of templates here. Users can also choose to get manually customized covers for a fee.

2. Why would users prefer to use your covers rather than their own photos?

They wouldn’t! We believe that users want to use their own photos in their covers. takes the users’ photos and text and produces a more appealing graphic that just makes your Facebook profile look a whole lot better. Our capability to automatically customize users’ photos is what sets us apart from every other Facebook cover website that offers stock wallpaper-like graphics.

3. When did you launch the company, and what response have you seen?

We have been in beta mode for a year now, hiding from Google. We opened our doors to search engines on December 2nd, and we expect to see more traffic in the following weeks. Over 50% of users who land on our website end up trying out our covers. We believe this is a very promising statistic for the future of Foob.

4. Do many businesses also use Foob to customize their Facebook pages?

We have no way of knowing how our free generated covers are used. Since our covers are free of watermarks, businesses could use them as well.

5. What are your plans for the future?

We want to add thousands of cover templates and expand our content dramatically. We currently have about 200 cover templates.

Thanks, Ioannis!

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