Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meet Daphne and Diane, Creators of Tell a Fortune

Tell a Fortune is a fun, intuitive app based on principles of astrology and cardomancy, and meant to give "answers, inspiration, and hope." Inspired by the Tell a Fortune board game, the app is available on iPhone and iPad and soon to be available for Android.

Daphne Weld-Nichols is a renowned psychic, intuitive, healer, astrologer, fortune teller, reiki master, numerologist, tarot card reader, and feng shui practitioner. Daphne had her first psychic awareness experience at age seven. Since then she has devoted over 30 years to researching the mysteries of various healing frequencies of sound, color, music, crystals, gemstones, far infrared light, flower essences, flower energy, aromatherapy, power animals, feng shui balancing, and crystal energy healings.

Diane Dalpe is an intuitive counselor, card reader, psychic, palmist, reiki master, and life coach. From her earliest years, she possessed a unique ability to predict events prior to them happening. These unusual gifts motivated her to learn as much as possible about the paranormal and psychic awareness. She developed an understanding of how to use her natural psychic ability to help others through the use of their own tarot cards, palmistry crystal energy, and reiki healings. She draws upon all of these special gifts to guide her clients in her life coach practice.

The interview below is with Diane.

1. What was your process for taking your knowledge of card readings and fortune telling and making it available in the format of a mobile app?

Well, it's been nearly three decades since the release of our Tell a Fortune board game, which offers answers to people's questions via cards and an astrological wheel. We created the company in 1977, long before people had cell phones of course! Our mission has always been to provide high quality psychic guidance and tarot readings to all areas of one's life, including but not limited to relationships, career, finances, and health issues.

The process started when Daphne was a young girl and she used to rely on her gut or "personal guidance system" (the letters GPS rearranged). To help interpret her own feelings, she marked up an ordinary deck of playing cards, assigning meanings to numbers and suits. For example, the ten of diamonds meant big money, success and advancement, while the ace of spades was a major change, challenge, or decision. When faced with a choice, Daphne would read the cards. Friends called her so often asking what cards meant that she finally designed a deck everyone could use, enlisting a graphic artist to illustrate each card. The cards could be placed on a circular zodiac chart, which came with the deck. The whole set was dubbed Tell a Fortune.

Now everyone is carrying around smart devices, so we felt that it would be good to have the cards be mobile! They have a whole new modern life to them now! And with so many negative things in the environment, it's a challenge to stay positive every day; that's why ultimately why we wanted to make the app: It's renewal every day at your fingertips.

2. What can users do with the Tell a Fortune app?

Imagine being able at any time to ask questions and receive instant answers about any of life's important decisions or concerns. People can play by themselves, or with friends and family! The Tell a Fortune App is fun, accurate and insightful! Users are just a click away from receiving a Tell a Fortune card containing messages and answers to their questions along with daily affirmations. Users will download this app to receive amazingly accurate answers and future predictions to their questions about love, money, or any general category. The Tell a Fortune app will appeal to anyone interested in card reading, horoscopes, and the Zodiac; this includes beginners and experienced card readers.

Tell a Fortune is a fun, intuitive psychic oracle game that users will want to play again and again. They can ask as many questions a day as many times a day as they want. In the "Ask a Question" section, users can choose between three categories of questions: Love, Money, or General Questions. Users will receive straightforward answers and positive affirmations. They will also be able to play the "Zodiac Game of Life" which consists of 12 astrological houses representing 12 aspects of one's life including; Money, Relationships, Career, Health, and Goals. It can be played individually or with family and friends. A "Tell a Fortune" card will appear with insightful messages for each house. When playing with others you can take turns being the reader and interpreter of the other player’s cards.

3. Does the app have social features as well, to allow users to connect with each other?

"The Social Zodiac Game of Life" can be played with up to 12 players from all parts of world. This divination consists of a live, ongoing chat room in which the players can discuss their messages and other players' readings. This is a great way to develop your own intuition by giving suggestions, interpretations, and even guidance to others in your game. There is also a permanent chat room for use outside of the social game.

4. How can people benefit from daily affirmations, and could you describe the role of affirmations within Tell a Fortune?

Affirmations on the Tell a Fortune app are positive little bits to help a person's mind to start thinking positive. A lot of research has been done over the last two decades about happy, successful people. Time and again research shows that successful people aren't happy so much as happy people are successful. They found happiness comes first and then success follows, not the other way around like our culture would have us believe. Our affirmations help users be grateful for who they are right now and to cultivate an attitude of gratitude that is receptive to good things happening. The Tell a Fortune app doesn't have downers; there are no predictions of doom or gloom. The messages and the cards are designed to be direct and inspirational. The affirmations are not included as a bonus but as a very real tool in helping users create the life they want live.

5. In your experience, how does an openness to asking questions have an effect on people's lives?

Because people make their own reality, the answer is more effective if you believe it will be. However, there are skeptics and science-oriented people who became believers after getting unexpectedly accurate cards. One of these was me! I began marketing Daphne's cards after leaving a career as one of the first female executives at Gillette. I swore I'd never read them myself--until I started doing it by accident. As I demonstrated how the cards worked to prospective buyers, they would exclaim I was spot-on and ask how I could possibly know these things! I became a believer! I love how these cards show people they have options, and we love putting people in touch with instincts they may have ignored until now.

Thanks, Diane!

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